We are trusted by more than 500 clients. Businesses, new entrepreneurs as well as families repeatedly come to us to obtain legal advice. Helping to save our clients millions of Czech crowns by timely interventions or providing free-of-charge services to non-profit organisations, we always seek to make a difference.

How can we help?

Business and corporate

We will assist you with company formations, mergers and acquisions, compliance and many more. Drafting contracts and business documents is one of our key activities.


We are experienced in representing both plaintiffs and defendants as well as in taking control of ongoing legal proceedings. We can also help with enforcing liability of the state for the damage you sustained.

Real estate

We will take care of legal work connected with sale and purchase transactions, donations or establishment of a pledge. Dealing with public auctions or erasing faulty records from the Land Register is also how we can help.

Non-profit sector

We will help you set up an association, foundation or endowment fund. We provide our services to NGOs for a discounted price.

Family law

We provide legal counsel on matters regarding marriage, divorce or matrimonial property. Also legal aspects of maintenance and child support, adoption or guardianship are well-known to us.

Healthcare law

We offer complex legal services to health service providers.


We help creditors with contacting debtors and enforcing their rightful claims before court or in execution procedure. If you are a debtor, on the other hand, we can help you get your financial situation under control.

Public procurement

We guide applicants through the whole procedure from A to Z.


We will guide you on your mission as a controller to protect personal data and become GDPR compliant.

Our team

Different stories, same values. Determined to promote yours.

Martina Slaninová, attorney

Martina started to pursue her legal career as a teenager and has not changed her mind ever since. She has been an active attorney since 2004.

For many years Martina had been focusing mainly on public procurement law but after maternity leave she found more interest in private law.

„Everyone needs something to keep pushing them forward professionally. For me, it has always been the desire for truth and justice.“

On the other hand, Martina has no problems appreciating true value of relaxing, especially during long walks in the nature or listening to her favourite tunes. Quality food, wine and mainly her son Ondra are the crucial sources of her optimism.

Ondřej Vokál, attorney

Before Ondřej became an attorney, he had been gaining professional experience in courts and court bailiff’s office.

He has been a proud scout since young age, which substantially reflects in his attitude to work in a law firm.

„Taking good care of my clients and their needs is essential for me. I need to know that my work has positive impacts – I simply like when things make sense.“

Ondřej is the kind of person who hates pointlessly wasting his free time. But when things are too much to take sometimes, he does not hesitate to slow down for a while and watch a good movie or listen to some quality music.

Teamwork makes us thrive. And the results are a proof!

Michaela Novotná

„I learned that even an unpleasant dispute can be settled with grace. Smile is not that expensive, right?“ Positive atmosphere in the team is very important to Míša.

David Horn

Life may be unpredictable sometimes. Even though law cannot be used to tell the future, it can be used to make you well prepared for it.

Monika Strapková

Justice is important for me and I will gladly help you seek it.

Adam Tauš

Adam always seeks to find a solution from which all the parties would benefit. However, when things get tough, Adam will fight for the right result until the very end.

Johana Novotná

Law affirmed me in my view that justice is worth fighting for.

Štěpán Hosa

Everything goes better with a cool head.

Ivo Kozáček

Ivo will always be a member of our team.

We are keen on finding new solutions. Together we complete our tasks precisely and without undue delays to your maximum satisfaction.

Contact us

We are seated in Prague but can also be reached in Kolín upon prior confirmation. Our satisfied clients come from all over the Czech Republic.

If you contact us via the electronic form please note that we usually reply during the next working day. Do you prefer calling? You can reach us by dialing +420 774 724 064. Do you prefer sending an email? Feel free to send your messages to info@sv-ak.cz

No matter where you come from we will be pleased to help you with your case

Pribenicka 939/20

130 00 Praha

Odměna za právní služby se řídí advokátním tarifem (vyhláška Ministerstva spravedlnosti č. 177/1996 Sb.), není-li sjednána dohodou klienta a advokáta odlišně.
Mgr. Martina Slaninová, advokátka, IČ: 71330615, Na Rokytce 1081/8, 18000 Praha
Mgr. Ondřej Vokál, advokát, IČ: 06239013, Na Rokytce 1081/8, 18000 Praha

Česká advokátní komora byla dne 5.2.2016 pověřena Ministerstvem průmyslu a obchodu ČR mimosoudním řešením spotřebitelských sporů pro oblast sporů mezi advokátem a spotřebitelem ze Smluv o poskytování právních služeb ( na základě zákona č. 634/1992 Sb., o ochraně spotřebitele ve znění pozdějších předpisů). Internetová stránka tohoto pověřeného subjektu je www.cak.cz. Česká advokátní komora je smírčím orgánem ve sporech mezi spotřebitelem a advokátem.

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